When your entry solution demands more than mere automation and ease of use, then high speed roll up doors should be the right choice.

Progate’s High speed roll-up doors are very popular within the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They incorporate modern age design and technology to provide the best performance possible in placed where speed and security are of utmost importance.

As the name suggests, high speed roll up doors are all about quick operational efficiency. They are lightning fast, low maintenance and enhance productivity. Their efficiency also makes them one of the most environment friendly operations.

Designed with total safety in mind, Progate’s high speed doors are perfect for usage just about anywhere. We usually recommend a true soft bottom edge with no rigid bottom bars or weight. The reason for this is that in the rare case that the safety features of the door malfunction, the door will still be safe for workers, and products.

The key aspects that make them a perfect solution for industrial sectors and commercial sectors are their high uptime and flexibility. For example, in case of a power failure, there are easy manual overrides that can be deployed.

Progate Automation offers comprehensive and custom solutions for your entry point requirements. We offer installation, automation and maintenance for all kinds of high speed roll up doors based on client requirements.


  • Food processing industries

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

  • Textiles industries

  • Automobile industries

  • Manufacturing plants


Safety device:

  • Photo cells

  • Microwave radar

  • Push button


  • Designed for intense use, these doors are built to be operated for hundreds of times throughout the day & for very long periods

  • High material quality and reliable long-term functionality.

  • Reduce costly energy consumption by improving environmental control

  • Improve productivity and enhance materials flow

  • Easy manual overrides in case of Power Failure and faulty operation

  • Climate control: excellent heat retention, keeps dust and vermin out.

  • Fats operating with Opening speed up to 1.1 m/s

Progate offers comprehensive back up service for site surveys, design, installation, commissioning, and servicing, upon demand. Our technical team will guide you before, during and after the product installation ending any doubts that you may have. If you have always looked for a complete gate automation expert then progate automations is the ideal partner.