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Sliding Gate Automation


Automated sliding gates are very popular automated security systems being used widely in industrial, commercial and residential complexes. Sliding gate automation is the best technological solution for places short of space as automated sliding gates require the least possible space to open and close. Sliding gates are operated with their straight line sliding movements compared which acts as an added advantage for them to occupy less space.

Sliding gate automation adds new security features to the gates by equipping them with hi-tech devices like photocells, loop detector, flashing lights, etc. The quality of material used is of extreme importance. At Progate, quality is given highest credibility which makes us the most trusted brand in the market.

Progate specializes in sliding gate automation qualified agency. Automation requires high degree of mechanics as well as technological skills. The type of gates and type of techniques used depends on the placement of the gate, frequency of use and other factors to which the gate is subject to.

Progate is an expert in automation of sliding gates since the last 15 years. Automation procedure requires expert opinion and analysis prior to installation. Our expert team of technicians are well versed at installing all type of sliding gates in the least space possible. We also offer customised options to clients in design of the gate wherein the client can choose their own option.