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Every single sector including residential, commercial and industrial have been long term fans of the Tracked Sliding Gates. Yes, we are talking about the super-efficient and reliable security systems that are also fully automates. Their popularity status have been all time high since a long time.

When you want to save space, think of the evergreen Sliding gates! They are your panacea for saving space and yet having fully automated gate systems. Their linear movement makes them all time favorite. They yield additional benefits of being versatile as single leaf or double leaf. They are widely opted in industrial, commercial and residential units due to their non-encroaching design.

At Progate Automations holds expertise in using only the best grade of basic components of the systems. All tracks, brackets, guide rollers, wheels, bearings etc are of highest quality standards that are capable of standing test of times.

We also provide a wide range of automated sliding gates ranging from single user 300kg to 3000kg gates for industrial purposes.

Automating Tracked Sliding Gates is an extremely precise task that requires the best technological skills combined with a detailed knowledge into mechanics because there are numerous factors like the size of the gates, the frequency and intensity of usage and the weather conditions that can affect the performance and the lifespan of these systems.

At Progate, our team is highly skilled with many years of experienced in custom designs of sliding gates. We make sure to maintain the industry standard and provide top notch quality gates. Our expert teams are expert in designing custom sliding gates in India.

Flexibility is our specialty and we can design tracked sliding gates according to the specifications of the client or after analyzing the site requirements. Alternatively, you have the option of selecting from one of our many attractive designs.


  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Panels that use timber infill.
  • infill’s options including timber, tube, mesh, solid bar
  • A variety of architectural material.



  • Metal primer red oxide.
  • Powder coating available only for short length size
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • A variety of colors choice available


  • Designed for continuous and frequent use
  • Strong and robust construction
  • Gates up to 20 meters(single leaf) or 40 meters(double leaf) in width available
  • High level of security 
  • Efficient Components
  • Trouble free installation
  • Hassle free long term performance

 Operator systems:

  • Dynamic , reliable and secure
  • Gearing made of steel
  • Encapsulated control board
  • Complete control at the touch of a button. You can open as well as close it with a remote control.
  • A very soft-start and noiseless function.
  • Able to operate from local key switch, or may be integrated with any type of access control.
  • Easy release for manual operation in the case of power failure.
  • A variety of access control options
  • Protection class IP44

Safety devices:                                         

  • Flashing light
  • Photocells                                                                     
  • Safety sensitive edge

Progate offers comprehensive back up service for design, installation, commissioning, and servicing, upon demand. Our technical team will guide you before, during and after the product installation ending any doubts that you may have. If you have always looked for a complete gate automation expert then progate automations is the ideal partner.