Swing Gates are all about grandeur and class. The very sight of gates swinging open to greet you when you drive home is very appealing. While this may sound like a luxury, you have to take a look at our gates to know more.

If you do not have enough lateral room to install sliding gates, then you can always opt for automated or manual swing gates to both secure as well as simplify your entry solution.


You can choose from a single leaf or a double leaf design with a max length of up to 6 meters for a single leaf and up to 12 meters for a double leaf. All these gates open to a maximum of 90 degrees and this makes them perfect for high risk security sites like residential places, commercial, industrial establishments and more

These highly efficient automated swing gates are versatile and they can be fitted with a variety of access control options or variety of safety devices such as remote control flashing lights, photocells.

At Progate we can automate or manual, design and manufacture these gates according to the specifications provided by the client’s or after analyzing the site requirements. Alternatively, you have the option of selecting from one of our many attractive designs.


  • Mild steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Infill’s options including timber, tube,
    mesh, solid bar

  • A variety of Architectural material


  • Metal primer red oxide

  • Powder coating for sort length size

  • Hot dipped galvanized

  • A variety of colors choice available


  • Designed for continuous and frequent use

  • A double-leaf swing gate adds grandeur to your premises

  • Single leaf gate of up to 4.0 meters & double leaf gate of up to 8.0 meters available

  • You can even operate our swing gates with a remote control from the comfort of your cars

  • High level of security

  • Trouble Free Operation

Safety device:

  • Flashing light

  • Photocells

Operator systems:

  • A very polished & Elegant design

  • Powerful 230V motor

  • Adjustable soft stop and soft start-up

  • Automatic Reversing System ARS

  • Internal mechanical limit stop

  • A variety of access control options

Progate offers comprehensive back up service for site surveys, design, installation, commissioning, and servicing, upon demand. Our technical team will guide you before, during and after the product installation ending any doubts that you may have. If you have always looked for a complete gate automation expert then progate automations is the ideal partner.