A wise man once said that "The age of automation is going to be the age of brilliance". It couldn't be truer.

Welcome to Progate Automations Pvt.Ltd where we not only live by this principle but also imbibe it in our business operations. We are leading manufacturers of automated gates and control systems.

With an enormous range of products including sliding gates, swinging gates, rolling shutters, high speed roll up doors, Traffic barriers, Industrial Doors and sliding doors that cater to a gamut of sectors both Industrial, residential and commercial, Progate Automations is a one stop shop for your requirement of electronic doorway equipment.

Quality Assurance
At a time when Gate Automations are constantly evolving with newer technologies finding its way into our everyday lives, it is imperative that you work with a team of professionals who are one step ahead of the rest. And that’s what you find at Progate.

We have a dedicated team of professionals with over a decade of expertise in the business, a team that strives to understand technology before it becomes mainstream and a team that thrives on dedication towards business.

With stringent quality measures and protocols in place, all our products are pure engineering marvels and leave no room for dissatisfaction to creep in. And unlike some other businesses which are all sizzle and no steak, we firmly believe in being there for the customer at all times.

In order to help understand your requirement in a precise and better manner, we have developed an online catalogue as well as a questionnaire. Feel free to browse through either one and if you still have questions, we are always happy to answer them.


We wish to become the synonym for automated gate systems.
Automated Gates and Installations = Progate Automations!
That is our vision and we will constantly strive to achieve it.

We want to set new standards for product quality and to set new boundaries for efficiency. With our range of innovative entry solutions, we hope to make life simpler for our clients. With consistency in product performance and after sales customer service, our mission is to be a ‘customer centric’ organization that promises, delivers and helps!

At the heart of our extremely modernized organization lies an ‘old school’ team of professionals who still and firmly believe in business ethics. Reliability in service, quality in products, transparency in business and innovativeness in design are the core ethics on which we have designed our business model.

It’s the Progate promise that we will always stick to our business ethics at any and all points of time during our interaction with our clients. Each client will be treated with equal attention to detail irrespective of the size or type of work involved.