While we might seem like a relatively new entrant into the field of gates automation, the fact is that the core team at Progate has spent years in the field gaining thorough on the job expertise and an astute understanding of access point automation.

And we have based our services on the understanding that all these years of market exposure has given us. At Progate, we have a 3 step model that has been highly successful for us and our clientele.

We understand, we propose and then, we imply! understand the requirements of the client and if they do not have any clear suggestions, then we propose!
We Propose some of the best designs and models from our vast range and if the client likes one of them (which always is the case), we imply! We imply on the design and offer complete installation services. 

And as far as services are concerned, we offer design, installation and consultancy for all kinds of gate automation and fencing requirements for clients across all spheres of life.

A lot of Gate Automation companies offer design services but outsource their installation to separate teams due to lack of expertise and infrastructure. But Progate has its own installation team of specialists for both new designs as well as replacements.

All necessary equipment and supplies will be provided by us and our technicians will arrive on the site at a prior agreed upon time convenient for you. The entire installation process will be completed under the expert supervision of our project managers ensuring complete quality control at all times. 

We at Progate have spent a lot of time in creating a design team that can deliver as per the unique requirements of our clients. And we can proudly say that we have one of the best design teams in the business now. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration while finalizing a design for an automated gate.
The security requirements, the vehicular traffic flow and the frequency of use are some of these factors. We analyze all these factors before suggesting a good gate/fence design.

Progate offers complete design services for automated gates and fencing. Apart from offering custom design for many of our products, we also have a vast and elite list of attractive and efficient designs that our clients can choose from.  

If you are unsure about what type of gate to choose or require expert advice on automated gates and fencing, then our sales team will be more than happy to assist you with your queries.

Be it design, concept, feasibility, pricing or installation, Progate offers complete consultation services for our clients.