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Entrance Sliding Gates


Entrance sliding gates are very efficient and widely used automated gate system which provide high level of security and are equipped with a host of security features. These gates are suitable for premises with security concerns like residential, industrial and commercial locations.

The biggest advantage that sliding gates have to offer is their main characteristic that is least requirement of space. Unlike swing gates which require a lot of space entrance sliding gates follow a linear movement which make them ideal for both commercial and residential premises where space is the main issue.

Well function of entrance sliding gates depends on the quality of the basic components that are used to operate these gates which include tracks, wheels, bearings, brackets, etc. Progate has never compromised on the quality of the gates it manufactures and that makes us the most reliable and trusted player in the market. Progate offers one of the most economical ranges of entrance sliding gates in customised sizes. Sliding gates up to 12 metres are single leaf gates and bi-parting gates can be up to 24 metres. All these gates can be manually operated or automatic depending on client’s requirements.

Designing, fitting and maintaining any automated gate system is a task that requires high degree of mechanical and technical efficiency otherwise the main purpose for which the gate is constructed i.e. security is compromised. Type of gate to be installed at a particular location depends on the space available, frequency of use, whether conditions to which the gate will be subject to, etc.

Entrance sliding gates come in a wide variety of designs. These gates are not just giant structures of steel but also are about style and grandeur. Intricate timber carvings, steel designs and wooden frames really add to the beauty of the gates. Gate manufactures and installers have a set of designs. However, customer is free to choose or design a totally new design and order the manufacturer to produce the customized design.