Sliding doors are perfect automated entry solutions for sites which experience a high volume of traffic. Sleek, compact and versatile, these units are easy to access, control and customize.

Progate’s automatic sliding doors offer an elegant, sophisticated and welcoming entrance to your residence.

Progate automatic sliding door operators are perfect for usage in both internal as well as external surroundings like Shopping centers, air ports, hospitals, hotels and leisure facilities. When these are combined with our innovative control elements and our cutting edge technological expertise, it ensures a basis for a safe, convenient and reliable access.

We have an elaborate range of configurations and functions that allow the access to be enhanced and match pedestrian foot fall.

Designed by professional mechanics we use only the high-efficiency DC brushless motor, which enables the sliding operator to work very well almost noiselessly for a long period of time. Stability is attained with the help of the advanced synchronous belt and perfect power supply circuit design.

Progate has high quality sliding door operators that make life easy for our clients. Manufactured using cutting edge technological expertise, these operators are all about low cost maintenance, operational efficiency and hassle free usage.


  • Commercial centers

  • Embassies & consulates

  • Hospital & health centers

  • Shopping centers

  • Airports & hotels

  • Pharmaceutical Companies


Safety device:

  • 1 and 2 way radar detectors

  • Photo cells


  • Elegant & slim designed for continuous and frequent use

  • Single and double sliding doors offered for both internal and external environments.

  • Available in either single sliding, bi-parting or telescopic configurations

  • Anodized aluminum extrusion profile sliding guide

  • Sliding on reinforced nylon wheels with the possibility of installation of rollers with reinforced wheels to increase maximum capacity

  • Synthetic tooth belt drive ensuring silent operations

  • Manual release in the event of a fire or power failure

  • A virtually silent operation and power saving systems

Progate offers comprehensive back up service for site surveys, design, installation, commissioning, and servicing, upon demand. Our technical team will guide you before, during and after the product installation ending any doubts that you may have. If you have always looked for a complete gate automation expert then progate automations is the ideal partner.