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Industrial Gate Motors


Automated gate motors enable smooth handling of industrial gate motors. These can be used to power both swing gates and sliding gates used widely in industrial as well as commercial complexes. Progate offers Italian made motors with one year warranty. This warranty is for sliding gates weighing from 500 kg to up to 4 tonnes or swing gates weighing up to 800 kg.

There are three suitable versions of industrial gate motors available for different types of entrances. Two traditional versions are available at 230V for sliding gates up to 2000kg and 400V for sliding gates up to 4000kg. Yet another low voltage version is available for gates up to 1200kg.

At Progate, we excel in providing lightweight motors made of aluminium with heavy duty aluminium cast gearbox assembly and compact design. Gate motors are not just simple mechanical products but have a lot of technical specifications attached to them. Industrial gate motors offer facilities like auto closing, anti crushing sensor for reliability and high safety, oil filled gearbox so that it requires minimum repair and has a longer life, high speed to increase the speed with which the gate opens or closes.

Different industries require different type of gate motors which varied on the weight, height and length of the gate, the frequency of operations and the kind of gate, etc. Progate has a team of skilled and experienced mechanics and engineers who suggest clients regarding the type of motor to be used. A wrong choice of motor can lead to inefficient working of the gate and can even spoil the motor if a low powered motor is used to operate a heavy gate.

The motor that accompanies our industrial gate motors generates high power and is also completely noiseless. In case of power cut, each gate can also be manually operated to unlock the entrance with the help of inbuilt manual release system.