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Motorised Gate Motors


Progate is one of the leading market suppliers of gate motors and controls across the country. It caters to demand for gates for industrial and commercial premises as well. It is located in Thane, Mumbai that has an exclusive division for Industrial Access and Security Division that primarily focuses on developing industrial gate drives, control solutions or even the swing gate motors.

Motorized Gate Motors are capable of operating both swing and slide gates installed in all types of industrial, commercial as well as residential premises. These Italian made motors are popular because of their prime use in industrial complexes to operate gates weighing up to 4 tonnes. Progate provides motors which can be fitted with latest security equipment and safety devices like flashing lights, photocells, loop detectors, etc.

Motorized gate motors are capable of handling all types of gates ranging from 500 kg to 4 tons for sliding type gate and up to 800 kg for swing type gates. Their stylish and sleek designs coupled with the best quality aluminium make them a favourable choice for both sliding and wing gates widely used in industrial and residential complexes. Motorized gate motors can be installed on new gates or on existing gates too as per the requirements of the customer.

These electro mechanic devices are made with so much precision and accuracy that they are a fully automatic system in themselves. Various adjustments to the speed and security features can be made to ensure highest levels of safety.

Installing the motors require a lot of technical knowledge to decide which type of motor will fit in a particular scenario. This would also depend on client’s requirement like the frequency of use of gate, the level of security features required, etc. Motorised gate motor can also be shifted to manual mode in case of dysfunction of the motor or in case of power failures.

Some other advance features of the gate motors include auto reverse on collision, auto reverse when obstruction comes while the gate is being closed, warning lights to indicate the gate opening and closing operation, etc.

All TAU gate motors are made from long lasting materials that give endurance and capability to gates. The user eventually forgets about the gate motors as they become an integral noiseless part of the gate that is ever lasting.